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Choosing a Standing Desk Mat

Weight gain seems not to be a problem for those who opt to work while standing. Most of us are afraid of using standing desks. But you only need to find the right mat to realize what you have been missing. Here is info you need to have as you choose the right standing desk mat.
The first thing to do would be to choose the right mat for your needs. You need to look at the height, width and length. The thickness tells you how much support the chosen mat will give you. A thicker mat, for instance, makes for a more comfortable setting. For added flexibility, you need to go with a larger mat. Since you can move about on it and stretch, you will be more comfortable.
You should think of the material. It should ideally be stain and water-resistant. Foam mats are ideal in this regard. You also need the mat to be nonslip, to prevent accidents from happening. A mat with antimicrobial properties is also ideal since you can safely stand on it barefoot without worrying you will pick up germs.
You also need to find out how convenient it is. You should not struggle packing it up and taking it to use in another place. Those with bad backs will need one that can easily fit on the side of their desks, for easy retrieval.
There are also specialty mats for you to choose amongst. There are mats that mimic the natural ground. Another one is that with a massage area, to help with the blood circulation. You can also consider one with raised bums on the top part where the balls of your feet rest, to help soothe them.
Do not forget to check the pressure rating of the mat. There is no need to get one meant for a lighter person, as it tends to wear off much faster. Find out also if it has a warranty. The warranty is for covering the costs brought about by damages.
These tips should help you select the right mat for your needs. You also need to know how to use it properly. It is for example not advisable to remain in one position for too long. Make a point of moving about after a while. If it has a massage ball, use it to relieve stress on your feet, by flexing them. Take intervals stretching throughout the day, to remain rejuvenated. You need to then invest in shoes with a strong arch support, to ensure you do not get fatigued easily.
A standing desk mat helps you deal with stress better, and keeps you healthy. You need to also invest in the best standing desk chair for those times you need one. You can check this site for some amazing examples.